The Beauty Pursuit


‘the Beauty Pursuit’ is a chanelled & inspired PHILOSOPHY, ONE that when followed, serves as a powerful healing and transformational modality.

As philosopher Alexander Nehamas wrote; "Beauty offers hope, hope there is more life available to us".

with the Pursuit of Beauty as my true north,

creating beautiful inner worlds and outer spaces is my life’s work.

One that I wish to share with the world,

and in doing so, elevate life.

the beauty pursuit services

Coaching Services

Spiritually approached coaching with practical modalities proven to create beautiful hearts, minds, bodies, and lives.

Interior Design

Creating sophisticated spaces promoting unity, connection, and wellbeing. Offering a range of Design/Consultative Services.

the beauty pursuit community


Your Beautiful Life

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artists & patrons

I would like to thank the artists and patrons invested in and supportive of the Beauty Pursuit Philosophy, united in their knowing that this inspired principle is so very needed for the world at this time.

the loving support and encouragement that I receive from friends, clients, members of the public, and professional associates truly make my life one of beauty,

We are the full color palette,

let’s paint the world.